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Day2: End of Day2 — part2

After passing through Customs, we’re officially a tourist in Korea.

First thing first. Communication and Information. Collect all maps and flyers that’s available.

As for communication, we rent 3 unit of phone. It’s way much cheaper than subscribing to Roaming. I’ve yet to compare whether renting a phone or just internet is better. Some phone that’s support Skype would be very useful with the internet option.

Anyway, as for our case, the phone is for use to keep in touch with each other, just in case we got separate for any reason. 

So we took a bus to our hotel from the Airport. For W 15,000, we get a view of part of korea. The journey took about 1 hour. One thing caught us of guard is the Bus route and the cold weather. Imagine, not in proper wear, at -ve temperature. haha. 

Day2: End of Day2 — part1

As mentioned earlier today. Arrived in South Korea earlier today. Touch down at around 7am local time.

1st impression — damn cold. 

When taxing into the Terminal, we can see the snow on the ground. But because of the controlled temperature inside the cabin, we can’t feel it… yet. As soon as we go out the plane. We’re greeted with a bone chilling breeze. Not properly dressed for the weather, we just go on as we are. Luckily it was just for a short while. As we went deeper into the terminal, it gets warmer.

Day2: 10am

Arrive in S.Korea Incheon Int Airport at 7am. Greeted by a freezing breeze.

Now heading into the open air. Fuh!

Day1: 4pm

Touchdown at around 330pm M’sia time.
The in flight meal was nice. Delicious. They served halal meal.

Our set had chicken curry, vegetables n rice. Nicely cook. And also some shrimp and I don’t know what but taste not bad. For dessert, sponge cake.

Once landed, we need to take a bus to the terminal. The Airport is nice.

Now is the long 9 hours wait for our next flight.


Ok. Da lepas Kastam.

So now going to the gate

Day1: 1130am

Just CheckedIn. Gate Open at 1225pm. Flight Departure est 1pm

Day1: 11am

Arrive at KLIA. Flight is at 1pm.
First stop Bangkok.

So this time will be flying with Thai Airways. I wonder if there’s any trans-gender flight attendants on the flight.

Anyway, this will be my first trip to Bangkok / Thailand.

Currently waiting for the others to arrive. Apparently I arrive earlier despite having to stop by at Najib’s place.

My SatriaBiru is safe in Najib’s care.

Check In Counter is Row G.

it’s been few years since i stop exercising. tried to restart a few times but failed.

i used to be very active during my school days. but working has taken a lot of my time. tried enroll into fitness centers. it was fun at first, but again, work consume my time. during my employment days, i hardly see the sun. maybe during lunch or on the way to a meeting. and i work for 6 or 7 days a week.

well, now that I’ve eliminated that excuse, I’ve started to jog again.

I’ve bought a new pair of running shoe. No more excuses.

I’m now a month into my routine. Though it’s only on Saturday and Sunday, but it’s a start. Soon, I’ll be running again.


At 5: 31pm
Bapa: ari ni mkn kt hotel
Me: Da smpi dah.
Bapa: awalnye
Me: td kua malas nk balik (rumah)
Bapa: ok

i don’t know y. ske lagu ni.